Foo IRC is a full-featured IRC client, the first released for the Windows Store. Foo IRC provides a tablet friendly, simple interface with plenty of features and options for customizability in a tiny package.

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Screen shot of the channel view on Windows 10

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  • Universal app
  • Multi-server support
  • IRCCloud support
  • Stays connected in the background (Beta)
  • Save servers and channels
  • Auto-connect on client start-up
  • Auto-join channels
  • Pin servers to the Start Screen
  • DCC Chat and DCC Send
  • Powerful scripting support (Auto Actions)
  • Performs commands based on Rules
  • Auto-run commands after connecting
  • Aliases
  • Switch server views by swiping
  • Color coded nicknames
  • Change text encoding
  • mIRC text formatting codes support
  • Inline images
  • Logging
  • Native buffer playback
  • Timestamps
  • Auto-reconnect on disconnections
  • Channel message font options
  • Auto suggestions for IRC commands, nicknames, and channels
  • Auto-complete (TAB)
  • Connect using SSL
  • Ignore SSL certificate errors
  • Authenticate with PLAIN SASL
  • Auto-identify with Nickserv
  • Server passwords
  • Type history
  • URL list
  • Server channel list
  • Ignore list
  • Mode management
  • HTTP, SOCKS4, and SOCK5 proxies
  • FiSH encryption

Added in v3.11


  • Added the ability to customize the templates for channel message displays.


  • Fixed issue with the client opening blank.


  • Added support for topic formatting and hyperlinks.
  • Removed Minimal themes and background image support.

Added in v3.10


  • Fix for DCC transfer file naming.


  • Updated Auto Actions to use the Staxe scripting engine.
  • IRCCloud compatibility fixes.
  • Fix for opening irc:// and ircs:// URLs.

Added in v3.9


  • Fixed textbox jump issue when submitting a message in chat views.
  • Displays message when FiSH encryption is enabled/disabled.


  • Fixed issue with window resizing.


  • Fixed issue with using /server command with certain parameters.
  • Eased nickname validation rules.


  • Server logging fixes.
  • Xbox support on hiatus.


  • Changes to improve initialization speed on Xbox.


  • Fix for saving some Notification Settings.


  • New scripting engine with dramatic improvements in speed for Auto Actions and Addins.
  • Aligned mIRC message colors with the mIRC spec.
  • Added support for the mIRC text format reset code.
  • Fixed inconsistent timestamp handling.
  • Fixed right clicking names in channels to work across different client window locations and sizes.
  • Fixed for Hide Nick Changes being backwards in functionality.
  • Fixed URL linking to work with colons.

Added in v3.8


  • Fixed issue with max buffer size.


  • Fixed text sizing on phones.


  • Fix for linking to URLs that contain ampersands.
  • Fix for seeing loading splash screen when re-opening the client certain ways.
  • Fix for improperly formatted /me messages.
  • New messages on blank channels start displaying from the bottom again.


  • Added support for entering mult-line text in channels and private messages.
  • The client can now detect when it is no longer the window in focus.


  • Added localization for the Finnish language (Thanks to rauhoff421). Check out our OneSky project to help improve our language support.
  • Added workaround for UWP pointer capturing bug on Xbox.
  • Fixed the backgrounds of message views.


  • Fixed issue with messages disappearing.


  • Textboxes now stay dark when focused. (Affects dark themes)
  • Added the ability to set your own alternate nicknames to use when your nickname is already in use.
  • Added an encoding option to auto-detect message encodings.


  • Added right-click context menu to nicknames in user messages.
  • Added option to backup stored passwords.
  • /server in IRCCloud server views creates the server on IRCCloud by default.
  • Minor bug fixes throughout the client.
  • Minor Auto Action library enhancements.


  • Fix for connecting to IRCCloud.
  • Multi-prefixes for ops are now hidden by default.
  • Changed default nickname colors for new installs.


  • Fixed /me in private messages.
  • Increased the number of sections available for view in portrait mode.
  • Fix for problems with saving and adding servers.


  • Notification settings fixes.


  • Merged Saved Server Settings and Connection Settings panes.
  • Added inline media hostname whitelisting.
  • Added right-click menu for removing inline media.
  • Tab auto-complete improvements.
  • Fix for /me in private messages.

Added in v3.7


  • Add support for FiSH encryption.
  • Improved support for IRCCloud archives.
  • IRCCloud fixes.
  • Auto Action enhancements.
  • Fix for some Appearance Settings color preferences not being persisted.

Added in v3.6


  • Workaround for a Windows platform bug that broke addins in the released binaries.


  • Added SOCK4, SOCK5, and HTTP proxy support.
  • Added full settings export and import.
  • Added more capabilities to /server command.
  • Improved irc:// protocol support.
  • Added default console.
  • Auto Action enhancements.
  • Addin system enhancements.

Added in v3.5


  • Updated How-To links.


  • Fix for issues that occur when the current user is an registered operator.
  • Fix for nickname changes showing in all joined channels.


  • [Desktop] Debugger fixes and enhancements.
  • [Desktop] Fix for Auto Action Debugger not opening.
  • Auto Action fixes and enhancements.
  • Fix for addins and scripts being unable to read saved custom settings.


  • [Desktop] Added a Debugger for Auto Action scripts.
  • Improved speed and recognition of keyboard shortcuts.
  • Fix for auto-suggestions not showing on channels.

Added in v3.4


  • Current nickname/ident is now shown in the info bar above messages in the server console view.
  • Fix for auto-completing text when inputted using IME.
  • Fix for DCC Chat.


  • Reset the 'Use OS Safe Window Size' settings which caused problems with viewing the full client window for Mobile users of previous versions of Foo IRC.
  • Added option to disable Auto Suggestion.
  • Turned Playback Channel/Private Messages on by default for new users.


  • Added option to open new private message views in the background.
  • New messages on blank channels start displaying from the bottom.


  • Revamped notification settings including the ability to vibrate and make a sound.
  • Added notification list.
  • Added option for inline video support (YouTube, Dailymotion, Imgur gifvs).
  • Added a bunch of new Rules operations.
  • Splits sent private messages to avoid IRC message length limits.
  • Added option to disable auto-switching to newly joined channels.
  • Fixed issues with accessing typed message history.

Added in v3.3


  • Fix for context menus not showing the proper options on certain servers.
  • Improved tolerance for non-standard IRC messages.


  • Added option to open new private message views in the background.
  • New messages on blank channels start displaying from the bottom.


  • Enabled Xbox support.
  • Added option for only showing activity markers for user messages.
  • Tab auto-complete is now case insensitive.
  • Add option to change colors used to color code nicknames.
  • Improved the way system supported encodings are detected.
  • Fix for /me messages in PMs showing the wrong username as the sender.

Added in v3.2


  • Fix for nicknames changes not being recognized in PMs.


  • Fix for sent/received /me messages not working in private messages.
  • Auto-focuses on input box when switching to different channels.


  • Added server settings option for auto-joining channels when invited.
  • Prevent sending of empty messages when hitting ENTER on an empty input box.
  • Auto-focuses on input box when switching to a channel using a mouse.
  • Prevent splash screen from showing when Foo IRC is already open.
  • Fixed bug where joins/parts aren't recognized on non-standard servers.


  • Fixed issue with changing background image.
  • Fixed issue with importing Auto Action scripts.


  • Introducing Addins. Addins offer all of the capabilities of Auto Actions, Rules, and Aliases combined in a simple, easy to install package.
  • Added the ability for Auto Action to add custom context menu actions.
  • Added the ability to set variables in Rules.
  • Improved pinging to better detect disconnections.
  • Added the option to show an activity marker on the server console.

Added in v3.1


  • Fixed issue with launching Foo IRC with voice commands.
  • Fixed crash caused by opening the text formatting dialog.
  • Enabled server and channel activity markers by default.
  • Removed Background Servicing option due to connection stability issues.


  • Improved the reliability of the run in background option (Available in General Settings).
  • Fix for the way the client recognizes channel operator levels.


  • Fixed bugs where quits are being shown in all channels instead of just channels a user is in.


  • Updated to work with changes to the IRCCloud API.
  • Fix for received /me messages showing up improperly via IRCCloud.


  • IRCCloud encoding and message sending fixes.


  • Improved integration with IRCCloud.


  • Increased the number of passwords that can be saved. (Prevents crashes)
  • Improved quota management for settings syncing.
  • Fixed an issue that caused background images not to display.
  • [Windows 8.1] Added basic IRCCloud support.
  • [Windows Phone 8.1] Fix for the client being unable to send messages to IRCCloud.


  • Fix for context menus causing crashes.


  • User list fix.


  • [Windows 10 & Windows Phone] Added basic support for IRCCloud.
  • Aliases can now be used with auto-connect commands.
  • Minor fixes.

Added in v3.0


  • Auto Actions fixes and enhancements.
  • Added option for rejoin on kick.
  • [Windows 10] Fixed issue with switching between servers.


  • Fix for crashes on Windows RT.
  • Auto Actions enhancements.


  • Fix for connecting to servers SSL.
  • Minor fix for Rules text.


  • Fix for the IRC View's appbar disappearing under certain circumstances.


  • The ability to change text colors used for different types of IRC messages.
  • Support for mIRC text coloring and formatting codes.
  • Rules enhancements.
  • Auto Actions enhancements.
  • Auto Actions can be used to add custom settings pages which persist settings.
  • Settings for changing where certain types of IRC messages are shown (server console or other places)
  • More user list context menu options.
  • [Windows 10] Setting option to run in the background. (Beta)
  • [Windows 10] Can customize the background color of the app's tile.
  • [Windows 10] Tweaked layout and more theme choices.

Older Versions

Added in v2.8


Added an option to disable the DCC incoming file size limit.


  • Rules: Fix for missing fields in the wizard.
  • Rules: Fix for the order of Whens and Thens changing after saving.
  • Rules: Added the ability to re-order Whens and Thens
  • Rules: Added the ability to negate When constraints and change the AND/OR relationship between them.f


  • Fix for closing the All Channels List and the URL List


  • Added ability to set background image for the Start page.
  • /server command fixes.
  • Reduced memory usage.
  • [Windows] Changed the IRC View to match the functionality of Foo IRC on Windows Phone.


  • Fix for focus on channel switching.
  • More corrections to the text of various labels.
  • [Windows Phone] Increased the max number of sections allowed in the IRC View. (channel list, messages, and nick list can be shown at the same time)


  • Fixed SASL authentication.
  • Corrected the text of various labels.


  • Improved error handling to prevent crashes some are encountering with the previous update.
  • Added the ability to reset all Foo IRC settings on the About page.


  • Added support for passive and active DCC Chat and file transfers.
  • Added more options to the user list context menu.
  • Changed context menus so that they appear without the need to stop press and holding.
  • [Windows Phone] Fixed for the client not recognizing some taps on saved servers on the Start page.
  • Reduced how much the IRC View horizontally scrolls when swiped.
  • Added setting to allow Saved Servers to use the same Server View if the Saved Server is already open.
  • Added Close Server option to the AppBar.
  • Changed /quit to no longer close the Server.
  • Added /reconnect command to force reconnection.
  • Improved disconnection recognition when Foo IRC is reactivated.
  • Fixed for keyboard auto-suggestions were not showing for certain users.
  • [Windows] Relocated Auto Action Status to the appbar of the Auto Action Manager.
  • Added more sorting options to the All Channels List.
  • [Windows] Fix for missing Settings when servers are set to Auto Connect on start up.
  • Auto Actions enhancements
  • Other small bug fixes.

Added in v2.7


  • Improved auto-scrolling for chat views when there are new messages


  • Added support for custom mIRC-like Aliases.
  • Added ability to hide IRC messages with Rules.
  • Auto Action enhancements.
  • Added ability to set more connection details with the /server command.

Added in v2.6


  • Fix for the close popup for the channel list closing the server.


  • Added General Setting to enable inline images. Images will show directly after the message with the image link.
  • Increased the allowed size of channel playback logs.


  • Added option to enable an indicator for unseen channel and private message activity.
  • Added option to enable playback of channel and private messages when re-opened.
  • Error handling improvement.


  • Improvements to disconnection detection.


  • Bring the Windows Phone and Windows version back into feature parity.
  • Rules system UI fixes.
  • Small UI changes.


  • Fix for connecting to IRC.


  • Added option for separating server logs by date.
  • Added message for nickname changes.
  • Added option to display full ident of users for certain message types.
  • Fix for quits showing in all joined channels on a server.
  • Fix for new lines being inserted in sent messages.
  • Fix for sending URLs with hyphens.
  • Other small fixes.


  • Rules system enhancements.
  • Fix for the inability to set Then actions in the Rules system.
  • Added /say command (Uservoice Suggestion)
  • Fix for the inability to receive private messages due to the last update.


  • Create rules for Foo IRC to automatically respond to IRC events using a simple wizard.
  • A new interface for viewing and changing user modes, channel modes, and bans.
  • Option to automatically connect to a server when the client first launches.
  • Fix for context menu not showing on the user list when the current user is an operator.
  • Fix for multi-line auto-run commands not being saved properly.

Added in v2.5


  • Added auto suggestions for irc commands, nicknames, and channels
  • Encoding settings are now a dropdown of all encodings available in the OS
  • Added more font family options
  • Corrected a font family misspelling
  • Enabled emoji's on the keyboard for the IRC View


  • Ability to change the channel message buffer size
  • Saved server names now used in the server list bar on the IRC View.
  • Initial improvements to Cortana integration. (Windows Phone)


  • Fix for the app not working when installed to a SD card. (Windows Phone)


  • Changes to help prevent failures on launch. (Windows Phone)


  • Fix for switching between channels, messages, and nicklist sections. (Windows)


  • Fix for the Join Channel page not showing connected servers. (Windows Phone)
  • Separated Appearance Settings on WP from being synced from Windows 8.


  • Buy once, use on both Windows and Windows Phone
  • Keep the screen awake
  • Pin servers to the Start Screen
  • Ability to ignore SSL certificate errors
  • Auto Action enhancements
  • Bug fixes

Added in v2.2


  • Auto Actions fixes
  • Brings the Windows 8 version into feature parity with the 8.1 version


  • Fix for saving on-connect commands
  • New Auto Actions features and bug fixes


  • Support for staying connected in the background (Not possible on Windows Phone)
  • Support for on-connect commands
  • Ability to change encoding
  • New Auto Actions features
  • Bug fixes

Added in v2.1

  • Added Ignore List and /ignore support
  • Improved URL handling and added URL List
  • Improved snapping support
  • Optimized for Windows 8.1
  • Bug fixes

Added in v2.0

  • Auto Actions (Scripting)
  • Custom backgrounds
  • Logging
  • More granular control of message fonts (family, size, weight)
  • Change timestamp format
  • More control of automatic server re-connecting
  • User list right-click options
  • Quit and part message options
  • Type history
  • IRC command auto-complete
  • Better /list support
  • Better Nickserv support
  • Supports server passwords
  • Settings pages layout refresh
  • Tons of bug fixes