Privacy Policy

When does Foo IRC transmit information about me?

As an IRC client, Foo IRC must send information you supplied in the app when connecting to an IRC server. This includes the server specific nickname, password, and username given by you for authenticating with the server. If you ask Foo IRC to save any settings, this information may be sent with any connection to one of these IRC servers in the app. Since Foo IRC connects using standard Internet protocols, your IP address is also sent to the server you connect to. For debugging and quality purposes, Foo IRC gathers and sends anonymous telemetry data to Microsoft Azure services when debug logging is enabled. See Azure Application Insights

How does Foo IRC store my saved settings?

Foo IRC stores saved settings in the Roaming app storage area of your user account, except for your server specific passwords. This allows your settings to be transferred to whatever device you install Foo IRC on using the same Microsoft Account. Your server specific passwords are stored separately in the Windows Password Vault to provide extra security.

What do the IRC servers I connect to store about me?

IRC servers usually mention what they store about you in their privacy policy. In general, consider that everything you and Foo IRC send to the IRC server may be stored by that server.

Note: This privacy policy may change between app updates/releases. The most recent policy for this app is always accessible from the settings of the app.