Aliases How-To


Aliases allow you to turn longer, grouped, and/or repetitive IRC commands into shorter, user define commands. Foo IRC's are similar in style to mIRC's aliases.


How to add a new alias?

Tap "Aliases" on the Dashboard pane. Properly formatted text entered in the text box of the Aliases page will be loaded as aliases usable from the IRC View.

Aliases are line separate with the beginning of the line for an alias starting with the alphanumeric name for the alias, followed by vertical bar separated IRC commands. An example Alias that can be entered is: /helloall /say Hi everyone, welcome to the IRC channel | /say Please let me know if you have any questions

In the example above, the text "Hi everyone, welcome to the IRC channel" will be sent to the server followed separately by the text "Please let me know if you have any questions"

How to use aliases?

Aliases are treated by Foo IRC the same as IRC commands and can be entered in the message box of a Channel, Server, or Private Message View. Aliases must be entered with the name of the alias beginning with a forward slash, and followed by any text need for the alias. In the following example, "k" is the name of the alias, and "Someone" is text sent to the alias: /k Someone

Use use variables in aliases?

Variables can be added to aliases you create by placing the name of the variable surrounded by spaces anywhere in the IRC command text. An extra '$' can be placed at the beginning of a variable to mark that the variable is required for the alias to execute.

The following variables are supported: $me - Your current nickname on the server. $chan or # - The name of the current channel. $1, $2, $3, etc. - The nth word sent as text to the alias. $1-, $2-, $3-, etc. - The text of the alias starting with the nth word.

For example, if an alias is defined by "/k /kick $chan $1 Please leave", when the command "/k Someone" is entered in the message box of a Channel View, the command "kick #channelname Someone Please leave" will be sent to the IRC server.